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Army Combat Medallion 4th Quarter 2010 Army Muster Medallion 5 Awards 1st-2nd-3rd-4th Quarter 2012, 2nd Quarter 2013



2 Stars

Major General
Michael Osborne

Sheridan Combat Medal Combat Badge Medal Union Army Good Conduct Medal Army of the Potomac CC AotP Officer Muster (3/6)
HPS Gettysburg Ribbon Gettysburg (2) Pipe Creek Shiloh Ribbon (2) Murfreesboro Kennesaw Chase Ribbon
Seven Pines Ribbon Oak Grove Ribbon Wilderness'64 Ribbon Lieutenant's Cup Participation Ribbon 2009 Western Thunder Tournament 2010 - Participant Ribbon Red Badge of Courage Tourney Participant (2)

940.11 OBD




AotP Chief of Staff


4 Stars

Ken Miller

Chief of Staff

Defender of the Union Kearny Cross Outstanding Service Medal (2) Exemplary Service Medal (3) Sheridan Combat Medal Combat Badge Ribbon
Honorable Service Medal Union Army Good Conduct Medal (3) Army of the Shenandoah ACO Army of the Potomac ACO BMI Sharpe Medal with Oak Leaves Union Academy Instructor Medal - 40 Cadets
AotP Officer Muster (3/6) HPS Penninsula Campaign Medal HPS Shiloh Campaign Medal (2) HPS Vicksburg Campaign Medal HPS Atlanta Campaign Medal HPS Chickamaugua Campaign Medal (3)
HPS Antietam Campaign Medal (2) BG Gettysburg (3) BG Bull Run BG Shiloh (3) BG Antietam BG Chickamauga (2)
HPS Shiloh Ribbon HPS Chickamaugua Ribbon HPS Vicksburg Ribbon HPS Antietam Ribbon 1st Bull Run (2) 2nd Bull Run (4)
Bullburg South Mountain (3) Antietam (2) Gaps to Manassas Brandy Station Rappahannock Ribbon
Gettysburg (5) Mill Springs Shiloh (8) Murfreesboro (8) Perryville (2) Lexington
Resaca Dalton Dallas Iuka Port Gibson Ingraham Heights
Vicksburg Champion Hill (2) Richmond '62 Seven Days T2K2 Tournament Ribbon Death of a General Tournament Match #21
GSO 2001 Tournament AoA/AoS Tourney Spring 2002 Tourney,Semi-finals ANV/AoS Tournament Spring 2003 Tourney, Second round AoA/AoS Tourney 2005
4C-05 Commandant's Tourney AoS vs AoA 2007 Tourney High Tide Tourney 2010 Flags of Glory II Tourney 2011 Major Victory Red Badge of Courage Tourney (6) Red Badge of Courage Tourney Participant (10)

AotS Sharpshooter (3) June 2002, December 2004, October 2007

3977.71 OBD

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General Ralph Peterson

General Larry Bouton

General Jeff Twining

General Bill Zuelsdorf

General Jon Martens

General Willie Passmore

Major General Don Golen

General Jeff Laub

General Jeff Bangma

General Mark Oakford

General Ken Miller

General Phillip Roubaud

General Joseph Meyer

General Frank DiNola

Lt.General David Martin


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