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There are two categories for which an Officer can be transferred from an active command within the Army of the Potomac and assigned to the AotP Hospital:

Medical Leave - When personal or real-life issues necessitate a leave from the club and duties for a period of time.  The initial Medical Leave will be granted for 3 months time, however an officer is eligible to return at any time during the leave by submitting a request to the Army Commander.  Additional leave requests to extend beyond 3 months may be submitted to the Army Commander via email.  There is no limit to the leave requests, so long as the Officer continues to request new leave periods prior to the expiration of the current approved leave timeframe. 

Missing in Action - Failure to maintain contact and muster with the Army Chain of Command for 3 consecutive months.  The Officer will be removed from an active command and transferred to the AoP Hospital for 3  months.  At any time during the three month period, the Officer can return to active command by submitting a request via email to the Army   Commander.  The Officer also has the option of converting his leave to a Medical Leave by requesting that change via email to the Army Commander.

For either leave type, if the approved leave period expires without the member requesting an extension via email to the Army Commander, the Officer will be moved to an Inactive status.. 

-          The Officer will be listed as Discharged at the Department of Records

-          Reinstatement is only by applying to the CoA.  The Army of the Potomac Chain of Command can help with this process if necessary.




Bed Name OBD Date In Date Out
#1 Vacant      
#2 Vacant      
#3 Vacant      
#4 Vacant      
#5 Vacant      
#6 Vacant      
#7 Vacant      
#8 Vacant      
#9 Vacant      
#10 Vacant      





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