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Leave of Absence List

On Leave of Absence



3 Stars

Lieutenant General
David Martin

Outstanding Service Medal
Exemplary Service Medal (2) Union Army Honorable Service Medal Union Army Good Conduct Medal Combat Badge Medal (2) Union Academy Superintendent Army of the Potomac DC
Meritorious Unit Citation Union Academy Instructor Medal - 5 Cadets AotP Advanced Training Ribbon AotP Officer Muster (1/6) HPS Ozark Campaign Medal HPS Antietam Ribbon
2nd Bull Run Ribbon (3) Chantilly Ribbon Antietam Ribbon (2) Gettysburg Ribbon (3) Mill Springs Ribbon Murfreesboro (2)
Chickmauga Ribbon (2) Lexington Ribbon Port Gibson Lieutenant's Cup 2012 Ribbon (2) Major Victory Red Badge of Courage Tourney Red Badge of Courage Tourney Participant (4)

1980.37 OBD

01 September 2017






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