AotP Monthly Report
October 2017

Army of the Potomac

Monthly Report


For October the AotP completed 6 battles, for a record of 3-0-1-0-2 making the army record for 2017 15-1-8-4-5.

OOB Changes
No OOB changes for September.

Col. Thomas Kille won Major Victories at both Brandy Station and the 7 Days Campaign Scenario and is awarded the Brandy Station Ribbon and a 7 Days Ribbon.
Maj. Gen. Osborne won a Major Victory at Gaines Mill for which there is no ribbon.

We still haven't heard anything from the Cabinet about Col Alvin Baker's promotion to Brigadier General although I understand it is now finally on the docket.

Just a reminder, I am stepping down as AotP CoS at the end of January 2018.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of html who is interested in taking over the Chief of Staff position can contact myself, Gen. Osborne or Gen. Meyer for further information.
All of the Army files will be stored on the AotP unioneaglesonline site and I can provide some insight into the job and some Word and Excel files I have created over the years that make the job easier.

Respectfully submitted,

Gen. Ken Miller
Chief of Staff


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Last Updated on November 15, 2017.