AotP Monthly Report
December 2017

Army of the Potomac

Monthly Report


For December the AotP completed 1 game a Major Defeat making the army record for 2017 15-1-8-5-8 giving the AotP it's second consecutive year with a winning record. For the year in addition to completing 37 battles against the enemy the officers of the AotP were awarded 10 Battle Ribbons, 1 HPS Ribbon, 2 Good Conduct Medals, 1 Sheridan Combat Medal, 2 Honorable Service Medals, 2 Exemplary Service Medals, 3 Outstanding Service Medals and 1 Defender of the Union Medal.

OOB Changes
The AotP is in the midst of a reorganization so there are several OOB changes.
The following officers have not reported in for over 6 months and were discharged.
Brig. Gen. Gene Renna
Lt. Col. Seth Trickey
1st Lt. Hampus Drott
1st Lt. Hubert Coupez
The following officers are retiring
Gen. Jeff Laub
Gen. Willie Passmore
1st Lt. Kevin Combs
Lt. James Boling arrived from the Academy and was assigned to 7/1/I

Gen. Willie Passmore upon his retirement was awarded the OSM, HSM, ESM and GCM.
Gen. Jeff Laub upon his retirement was awarded the OSM, HSM, ESM and GCM.

Lt. Gen. Michael Osborne received his third star.

This will be my last Monthly Report for the AotP, I will be going on the Reserve/Retired List effective the 15th of January 2018, the 18th anniversary of my graduation from the previous ACWGC WP now called the ACWGC Union Military Academy.

Respectfully submitted,

Gen. Ken Miller


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