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 ~ General Dan Peterjohn ~
    Dan Peterjohn, General, ACWGC Union Army

    Born: 1950

    General (USV)* Peterjohn joined the ACWGC in August, 2001. After completing his initial training with the Union Military Academy he was assigned to the "Old" Army of the Tennessee, where he quickly contributed to the welfare of the ACWGC Union Army by writing a award winning Study Guide for BGG Sceanrio # 13 in 2003. For the next five years he served as first a Brigade Commander in the XVI Corps and then, in the summer of 2006, assumed a Divisional Command (First "Red River" Division),XV Corps. Dan also joined the Instructors Staff at the UMA during this period and earned his Kearny Cross as the Most Valuable Participant in the prestigious Commandant's Cup II Challenge Tournament, November, 2008.
    After the consolidation of the "Old" Armies of the Ohio and the Tennessee into the present Army of the Tennessee, Major General Peterjohn accepted the command of the Second "Lost Tribe" Division of the XVI Corps where he was instrumental in the establishment a dependable and solid cadre of officers. His administrative expertise was quickly recognized and utilized in the role of the AotT's Chief of Staff, a command he accepted in May, 2010. He very competently and enthusiastically served within that capacity, helping General Meyer forge the dialy, weekly and monthly routines that so successfully brought the Army of the Tennessee into such a high level of duty consciousness and camaraderie. He continued his service as the AotT CoS until April of 2011, at which time he assumed command of the AotT in lieu of General Meyer's election as the Union Army General-in-Chief. On November 2nd, 2011, he received his promotion to the rank of a full, ACWGC generalcy.
    General Peterjohn resides in the mountains of Colorado after retiring from the United States Army where he served as a Tank and Armored Cavalry unit commander. His service included numerous command and staff tours in Korea, Germany, Stateside and the Middle East. Dan honorably retired from his country's service with the rank of Colonel. He now works part-time as a contractor for the United States Army's Battle Command Training Program, being sent to locations within the United States and around the world.

    * - General Peterjohn uses the qualifier "USV" after his ACWGC rank out of respect and deference to the actual rank used within the United States Armed Forces.

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