American Civil War Game Club
Union Army of the Tennessee
~ Commanding Officer: General Dan Peterjohn ~

"My aim then was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us."
(Lieutenant General William T. Sherman, Commander in Chief, United States Army, retired - 1875)

"The Western Theater will be consolidating from three to two Armies - the Army of the Ohio will be merged into the Army of the Tennessee.
The consolidated AotT will have the future option of creating the XVII Corps."

(General Jeff Laub, General of the Armies, ACWGC Union Army - 2009)

Chief of Staff
Lieutenant General Pete Russso
~ Command Staff ~
Lieutenant General John Lytwak (XV Corps), Lieutenant General David Elkin (XVI Corps)
General Chuck Jensen (1/XVI), Major General Jeffrey McDonald (1/XV), Major General John Sheffield (2/XVI),
Brigadier General Derek Hampel (2/XV), Brigadier General Richard Miskinis (3/XVI), Colonel Maxime Yvelin (3/XV),
~ Administrative Staff ~
Brigadier General Rick Trembley (Advanced Training Officer)
Colonel Kenneth Crist (Assistant Adjutant General)


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by Mark Howard, Brain Sutton and Charles Cochran, Cumberland Records, June 2009.

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